Board of Directors

The WVPCA Board of Directors is comprised of representatives (CEO or their designee) from each member organization. The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past-President and the chairperson representing the Public Issues & Government Relations Committee and the Quality Leadership Committee.

2022 - 2023 West Virginia Primary Care Association Executive Committee
Eric Ruf CEO of Barbour Community Health Association President
Craig Glover CEO of FamilyCare Health Centers President-Elect
Rob Dudley CEO of Coplin Health Systems Secretary
Nancy Vandergrift President of Monongahela Valley Association of Health Centers Treasurer
John Schultz CEO of New River Health Association Immediate Past-President
Vicki Johnson COO of Williamson Health and Welness Center  Chair, Quality Leadership Committee
Mike Hassing CEO of Shanandoah Community Health Chair, Public Policy and Government Relations


The WVPCA is the largest organized primary care network in the state.