The West Virginia Primary Care Association (WVPCA) is a private, non-profit membership association that represents safety-net health care providers in the state of West Virginia. 
Our Mission:
To promote a healthy West Virginia through leadership, advocacy, and programs that support our members in achieving their goals of providing high quality, affordable, and accessible community responsive care. 

Our Vision:
A Healthy West Virginia.

For more information, download WVPCA: Creating Value for CHCs and Their Patients

WVPCA Shared Values

We respect the individuality of our health centers while honoring
our collective purpose by adopting a cooperative spirit and by
committing to strategies established by consensus.

We engage in courageous conversations that anticipate changes
in healthcare delivery, and we allow our shared vision, mission,
and strategy to shape our response.
Health Equity
We believe that a passion and regard for all people are foundational
to community health centers, and we seek to address inequities so
that everyone can reach their best health. 

We value the diversity of thought and experience represented among
us, and we earnestly seek and freely offer these unique perspectives
to learn from each other.  

We strive to make the best use of our human, fiscal, and material
resources by being efficient and effective in our work, and by holding
ourselves accountable to each other, our members, our funders, and our communities.

The WVPCA is the largest organized primary care network in the state.