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What is the WVPCA?

Formed in 1983, the West Virginia Primary Care Association (WVPCA) is a private, non-profit membership association that represents West Virginia safety-net health care providers. WVPCA is the federally-designated primary care association for the state and is the link between federal, state and local entities providing health care for 25%, or 1 in 4 of our state’s residents.
Our services assist members in providing high quality, cost-effective health care and address specific needs of administrators, clinicians, boards of directors, outreach workers and other center staff. We offer a wide variety of services targeted specifically toward the needs of West Virginia health centers in policy & advocacy, administration, cooperative purchasing, recruitment, information technology, and clinical care.

HRSA to Allow All CHCs and Look-Alikes to Order COVID-19 Vaccines Directly

On April 7, 2021, the Health Resources & Services Administration announced that all community health centers and look alikes are now eligible to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine direct allocation program. This lets health centers and look alikes order vaccines for their sites without having to receive an allocation from the federal government via the state. The WVPCA has drafted this press release concerning the announcement.

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The WVPCA is working with Federal, State, and local health officials in emergency preparedness activities as well as disseminating appropriate information to our Community Health Centers.  This includes up-to-date resources and policies to ensure the continued health and safety of the communities we serve.  

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