Our Staff

Sherri P. Ferrell, MBA | Chief Executive Officer

Sherri Ferrell serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the West Virginia Primary Care Association (WVPCA). In this role, she oversees the implementation of the strategic goals of the Association and works closely with the Board of Directors to assure the WVPCA's mission and vision are achieved. Ms. Ferrell advocates to the state and federal government to strengthen and preserve the health care safety net. She is responsible for overall operations of the Association and serves as the spokesperson for the community health system of care.


Debra Boyd | Chief Operations Officer/ Chief Finance Officer
Debra Boyd joined the West Virginia Primary Care Association (WVPCA) as the organization's Chief Operations and Chief Financial Officer (COO/CFO). Ms. Boyd will be responsible for providing leadership and partnership to the chief executive officer in the administration and execution of the Association’s strategic plan. This includes program oversight, resource development, member services, human resource functions, administration and operations. Her primary responsibilities also include providing financial leadership for the organization and to oversee, monitor and maintain the financial and accounting systems of the Association.

Staci Arnold, MBA | Data Services & Integration Specialist 
In her role as Data Services & Integration Specialist, Staci Arnold provides technical assistance related to EHR utilization including internal systems tables, data integrity, report generation data analysis and workflow.


Kelsey Clough | Education and Communications Coordinator
In the role of Education and Communications Coordinator at the WVPCA, Kelsey Clough is responsible for the WVPCA's communications including the website, weekly updates, and marketing as well as training coordination, which encompasses both web-based and on-site training events, workshops, and educational sessions.

Warne Dawkins, MBA | Health Data Analyst
As the WVPCA’s Data Analyst, Warne Dawkins manages the Patient Experience Survey Program, assists with the development of UDS reports for health centers and supporting the use of data to drive quality improvement and demonstrate value.


John Kennedy, MA | School-Based/Behavioral Health Coordinator
In his role as the School-Based Health Coordinator, John Kennedy supports the WVPCA membership needs as related to the development and advancement of school-based health services including coordinating training, technical assistance, and advocacy for school-based health services.

Pamela Moore | Member Relations Coordinator
Pamela Moore serves as the WVPCA’s Member Relations Coordinator and her responsibilities include scheduling, maintaining minutes, files, etc. for all the monthly membership meetings and all standing committees of the Association. She assists with the planning, development, and implementation of training programs and conferences and assists the Executive Director in daily activities in the office. Additionally, she assesses the issues of importance to the members and relates those issues back to the PCA staff in order to meet those needs.

Ruby Piscopo, CAC | Special Programs Coordinator 
As Special Programs Coordinator, Ruby Piscopo works to assure that the necessary training and support is given to health center staff as they help individuals enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid.  Additionally, she coordinates Emergency Management activities, assisting members and staff in their readiness preparations in the event of a disaster. This readiness is maintained through trainings, table tops, and WVPCAready, a portal for centers to develop web-based continuity of operations plans (COOP).

Shannon Parker, MBA, PCMH CCE | Director of Health Center Operations 
In her role as Director of Health Center Operations, Shannon Parker is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing statewide initiatives in support of the ongoing, growth and development of community health centers. This includes support and guidance to community health centers working to become recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home and assist the practice in redesigning care processes to provide evidence-based, patient-centered care that maximizes resources and facilitates an efficient work environment. She is responsible for managing health center improvement efforts targeting open access, behavioral health integration, team-based care, panel management, chronic disease management, and supporting the delivery of high quality technical assistance to member health centers.
Amanda West, BA-Accounting, BA-Marketing | Staff Accountant
As the WVPCA's staff accountant, Amanda West performs accounting duties such as maintenance of the general ledger; accounts payable and receivable functions; and the preparation of various accounting statements and financial reports.

Emma White, RN | Clinical Quality Improvement Coordinator
As Clinical Quality Improvement Coordinator, Emma White assists health centers with quality improvement initiatives.

The WVPCA is the largest organized primary care network in the state.