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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Elevating Workforce Satisfaction: Strengthening Engagement and Actionable Insights

Start Date: 6/27/2024 12:00 PM EDT
End Date: 6/27/2024 1:30 PM EDT

Organization Name: WVPCA

Matthew Arthur
Email: matthew.arthur@wvpca.org
Phone: (304) 346-0032

Event Overview: In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, understanding and nurturing employee satisfaction is paramount. The invaluable data derived from staff satisfaction surveys enables health centers to drive positive change, optimize policies, and bolster employee retention. While some organizations have initiated these surveys, many seek guidance to initiate or enhance their process. This interactive session will delve into the essential steps of conducting staff satisfaction surveys, explore effective question strategies, and provide best practices for harnessing survey results to drive meaningful improvements in employee satisfaction. 

Objectives and Goals:

  1. Understand the key steps involved in conducting staff satisfaction surveys, including survey design, administration, and data analysis, to effectively gauge employee sentiment and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Explore various types of questions that can be utilized in staff satisfaction surveys to gather comprehensive and actionable feedback from employees.
  3. Acquire best practices for responding to staff satisfaction survey results, including implementing effective solutions to enhance employee engagement and retention.

The WVPCA is the largest organized primary care network in the state.