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The following webinar and tools related to provider peer review are available through the ECRI Institute’s website. Membership is required and is FREE.
PRAPARE Implementation and Action Toolkit
The PRAPARE Implementation and Action Toolkit is freely available online and contains resources, best practices, and lessons learned to help guide interested users in each step of the implementation process, ranging from implementation strategies and workflow diagrams to Electronic Health Record templates and sample reports to examples of interventions to address the social determinants of health.

The PRAPARE Implementation and Action Toolkit is modulized, with its chapters focusing on the major chronological steps that are needed to implement a new data collection initiative on socioeconomic needs and circumstances.  New users are advised to go through the entire Toolkit.  Other users may wish to focus on certain chapters to build or enhance capacity in certain areas.
The Toolkit is based on the current experiences of seven health centers.  As a result, it is currently only in its first version.  We welcome your feedback on how to make this Toolkit more helpful and useful based on your own experiences to inform future versions.  Please send feedback to

Building off of the roots of the PRAPARE name, chapters are organized based on whether they help users “PREPARE” for social determinants data collection, “ASSESS” social determinants of health, or “RESPOND” to social determinants of health data.

Provider Dashboard Template
Sample CHC QI_Plan Template
Sample FQHC QI Template

Peer Review/Provider Privileging
These documents are intended to be used as samples or templates only and do not guarantee HRSA/FTCA compliance. We recommend that your Board of Directors review any policies and associated documents prior to implementation.