ECRI Institute

Looking for evidence based information on quality improvement, patient safety or risk management for your organization? The ECRI Institute is a nationally recognized source for excellent trainings and resources. As described on their website:
For nearly 50 years, ECRI Institute, a nonprofit organization, has been dedicated to bringing the discipline of applied scientific research to discover which medical procedures, devices, drugs, and processes are best, all to enable you to improve patient care. We firmly believe that seeking and finding the best ways to improve patient care require "The Discipline of Science" and "The Integrity of Independence."

National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)
The following resource was published by the National Association of Community Health Centers in 2011 and provides a comprehensive guide to establishing a quality management plan:
The Quality Management Plan - A Practical, Patient-Centered Template

Model for Improvement (MFI)
The Model For Improvement, MFI, provides a useful framework for quality improvement in healthcare settings. Click for a short instructional video about the MFI created by Dr. Mike Evans and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, IHI.

Other sources of information on the Model For Improvement:
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement, IHI, originally founded in 1991, has been a leader in patient centered, evidence based change in health care for ever since. As stated on their website:
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement takes a unique approach to working with health systems, countries, and other organizations on improving quality, safety, and value in health care. This approach is called the science of improvement.
Visit the IHI website to find a wealth of information and resources on innovation and improvement in health care. You will find everything from webinars to conferences to tools and templates on a multitude of topics related to health and health care delivery.