School-Based Health

In December 2016, the West Virginia School-Based Health Assembly (WVSBHA) and the West Virginia Primary Care Association (WVPCA) merged.  The WVPCA and WVSBHA had worked collaboratively for many years to ensure that West Virginia’s children have access to health care and are now combined under the WVPCA in an effort to unify the voice of school-based health services and sustain the work that both organizations have been committed to for many years. The WVPCA continues to strengthen training and technical assistance to all organizations that offer school-based health services while also continuing to advocate on behalf of the children in our state.

West Virginia has had many partners for over two decades that helped school-based health centers grow and mature into one of the national leaders in school-based health. The Sisters of St. Joseph Health and Wellness Foundation has been a leader in this movement with their dedication, passion and financial support to advance school-based health services for children.  There are now over 160 school-based health centers in West Virginia that provides an array of services such as physical, oral and behavioral health.

John Kennedy is the School-Based Health Coordinator that is continuing the great work that has been done.  With a background in behavioral health counseling for children and families, along with many years of developing school-based services, John has added depth and expertise to the merging of these two entities. 

The WVPCA is committed to the continual improvement of school-based health across West Virginia.  School-based health centers are a vital part of maximizing the potential of our children and it is important that we work together across systems to make a difference in the lives of our children. Thank you for your support of school-based health services and the WVPCA looks forward to continue working with you.

For a complete list of School-Based Health Centers (organized by city), click here

For more information, please contact John Kennedy, School-Based Health Coordinator at 304-346-0032.