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Busy times are ahead with the back-to-school and holiday seasons fast approaching. As kids return to the classroom, sports fields, and extracurricular activities, and families & friends gather for holiday celebrations, the West Virginia Primary Care Association understands the increased risks that arise for kids and communities.

When we come together, incredible things can happen. Safe communities are those that boost their immunity and keep their immunizations up-to-date.

Strong communities are built on the foundation of health and well-being. By taking the necessary steps to immunize yourself and your family, you actively contribute to the strength and resilience of your community as a whole.
Because Immunity is Community.

Parenting is a Job That Never Really Stops

With sports, travel, and birthdays you’re always on the go and it takes a community to get everyone where they need to go. That's why we stress the importance of routine immunizations – timely immunizations are critical to building a child’s immunity and safeguarding their health as they grow. This is a crucial step in protecting the well-being of your kids and the entire community.

Schedule an appointment with your health care provider today to discuss the early childhood vaccinations for your child's age group. By staying up-to-date with their vaccinations, you not only protect your child but also contribute to the collective health of your community.

Vaccines are Vital for Adults as Well

Immunizations help your body create protective antibodies—which are proteins that help the body fight off infections..

Protect yourself and your family, and avoid spreading preventable diseases to those in your community by adhering to the recommended adult vaccine schedule, including HPV, Flu, and COVID-19.

Now's the time to check in with your health care provider and ensure you're taking the preventive steps to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe.

Our expansive network of Community Health Centers provide inclusive and affordable care for patients. When it comes to immunizations, our providers will ensure your family receives the vaccinations recommended by health care professionals to address the specific risks prevalent during back-to-school and holiday periods.

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