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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funding Report

The Effects of ARRA Funding in West Virginia

Early Effects of ARRA funding on West Virginia Community Health Centers

by Louise Reese, CEO-West Virginia Primary Care Association

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was signed into law on February 17, 2009.  This purpose of the stimulus funding for community health centers was for capital improvements, expansion and/or retention of personnel and services, and adoption of health information technology.   West Virginia community health centers received $1,150,532 in New Access Point Awards, $6,729,274 in Increased Demand for Services Awards and $18,776,925 in Capital Improvement Program Awards totaling $26,656,731.

These awards helped our community health centers to serve patients with limited access to health care, including the uninsured and low-income populations.   Additionally, this funding has generated new economic activities in many West Virginia communities challenged by the recession.

  • In March 2009, one health center in West Virginia that was not part of the federally qualified health center program, received funding as a new access point (NAP).  This will allow the health center to leverage federal funding and expand access and services throughout their geographic service area.
  • Also in March 2009, each West Virginia community health center received a one-time award to increase staffing, extend hours, and expand existing services (IDS).  
  • In June 2009, each West Virginia community health center received a one-time award for construction, renovation, repair and equipment purchases, including health information technology (CIP). 

The impact of these awards is significant.  It is estimated that West Virginia health centers will serve an additional 55,852 patients and 20,820 new uninsured patients*.   The economic impact is equally as impressive.  With an infusion of $26.7 million in stimulus funding, the estimated direct and indirect impact is $42.4 million.  West Virginia community health centers retained or added approximately 90 employees to the workforce with IDS funding.

West Virginia community health centers are utilizing the CIP funding to enhance their infrastructure to better meet the health care needs of our residents including:

  • Electronic health record and information technology         17 health centers
  • Space additions                                                         12 health centers
  • Space renovations                                                      14 health centers
  • Medical equipment                                                      10 health centers

ARRA is achieving its goals in West Virginia! 

Additional information is available by contacting the WVPCA: info@wvpca.org.


*Estimated impact reported by Capital Link, 2010, Geiger Gibson.  RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Foundation Research Collaborative, Policy Research Brief No. 17

Belington Community Medical Services Association's former administrator, Tom Harward, PA, speaks to National Public Radio (NPR) listeners about the effect ARRA funding has had on their clinic and its patients in the town of Belington, WV in Barbour County.



video by John Poole/NPR

Visit The National Public Radio Website for more "One Year Later" stories.


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